By Car/Taxi/Motorcycle/Bicycle:  

From the Ballarat CBD: Locate Doveton Street or Drummond Street (both intersect with Sturt Street).

From there, travel south until your reach Skipton Street/ Midland Highway.

Travel south along Skipton Street/ Midland Highway to the second roundabout and take the western exit – sign-posted Glenelg Highway Route No: B160.  

Delacombe Town Centre is located at the second roundabout approximately 3km from Skipton Street, with vehicle access from both the Glenelg Hwy and Cherry Flat Road.    


By Public Bus:-

Route No 25 – Delacombe to Ballarat Station and return.


To get to DTC from the Ballarat CBD:

Catch the No 25 (outbound) at Ballarat Station or Sturt Street (south side).

Get off at the bus stop at entrance to the “Bupa Aged Care Centre” on the Glenelg Hwy (marked blue below) just before the roundabout at the intersection of the Highway with Wiltshire Lane.

Walk 250m in a westerly direction crossing the roundabout via pathways on the south side to access the centre adjacent to K-mart, 25 metres south along Cherry Flat Road.


To get to the Ballarat CBD and Station from DTC:

Walk to the roundabout using the pathways on the south side to cross both Cherry Flat Road and the Highway to get to Wiltshire Lane.

Catch the No 25 (inbound) at the bus stop (marked red below) on Wiltshire Lane, this is located 50 metres north of the roundabout on the east side, between the slip road and the main road.

Get off at the Ballarat Station to interchange with other buses or along Sturt Street to access the CBD.



Hourly buses with more frequent services at peak times – refer to PTV website or signs on bus-stops.